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Your Views Sunday, March 22

Sen.  Jim Inhofe
Sen. Jim Inhofe

Appreciation for hospital’s salute to veterans

Thank you, Mercy Hospital, for hosting Vietnam veterans on March 10 with the kind and emotional “Welcome Home” ceremony sponsored by the federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The honor given to us, the words said, the Vietnam Veteran pin given to us, and atmosphere of respectful dignity and expressions of gratitude for our service, touches our hearts. When wearing our Vietnam Veteran baseball cap, people seeing it thank us for our service. This too goes a long way in our healing from the way we came home 50 years ago.

We love America. We are proud of our attempt to free South Vietnam from communism. On March 10, we were told in the eight years of the war, America never once lost a battle. Many Americans still do not understand that after we left Vietnam in that helicopter on top of the American Embassy with civilians friendly to America clinging for their lives from its skids, the communists came in and killed innocent people by the millions and enslaves them today no matter what propaganda from Vietnam looks like now.

That we lost the war at home in America is a gaping wound we Vietnam veterans feel will never heal. Thank you for what you did for us March 10. You made us feel like heroes.

C. Dale German, Bethany

Inhofe believes he’s above average Oklahomans

Sen. Jim Inhofe's campaign ad shows him flying his Cessna while touting his conservative views. The ad is appalling. It proves that he is out of touch with Oklahomans and literally, believes he is above and beyond the average Oklahoman. This is probably the most honest ad he has ever made; he's living high off the backbones of Oklahoma workers who expect him to care about them. This is just ludicrous!

The man is a career politician who began as an Oklahoma House member in January 1967. He progressed to state Senate, then the U.S. House until he reached the U.S. Senate in 1994. This is 53 years that Jim Inhofe has lived, and obviously thrived, from the taxes paid by the common working man or woman.

Inhofe is 85. It was my parents' generation who first elected him. Fifty-three years has made him too comfortable and he acts as if he deserves another term as our U.S. senator. He does not!

Oklahomans deserve someone younger, with fresher ideas and perspectives. There are five other declared candidates running for Inhofe's senate seat. Be a responsible voter; research Inhofe and the other candidates. You will discover that we can, and should, elect a new senator who will be for the people and not above the people of Oklahoma.

Valerie Fricke, Oklahoma City

Review of citizen requirements might be helpful

In recent times I have heard and read many comments about America and individual rights. Very few comments have mentioned an individual’s responsibilities related to being a citizen of America. There is a tendency to hold immigrants to a different standard than a natural-born citizen. The fact is all citizens are held to the same standard legally but many natural-born citizens fail to understand their responsibility nor do they fully understand how America was created and developed.

To this end I did some basic research regarding citizenship and the test required for immigrants to become an American citizen. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating many citizens returning to the basics of life, I thought it might be interesting to again review the basics of citizenship and related responsibilities.

Admittedly I had to do some reviewing to answer some questions in the practice test. Just the same, U.S. citizens taking this test might better prepare America to overcome the pandemic. Considering the obstacles our Founders faced and conquered establishing America might give us added strength. America has strong enduring principles. We need to understand and practice them daily.

Richard C. Hall, Norman

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