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Your Views Sunday, March 15

Sen. Jim Inhofe
Sen. Jim Inhofe

A construction heads-up was warranted

I wanted to express my dismay that the city of Oklahoma City did not warn residents before starting the construction on Hefner Road from Pennsylvania to the Hefner Parkway. After reeling from the nightmare that was the Britton Road construction in The Village that ultimately yielded a measly turning lane, residents were surprised when Hefner was torn up recently.

While I understand the city may think this is trivial, waiting 20 minutes to cross May Avenue due to a mistimed traffic light isn’t something most people want to do on a Friday night.

I would figure the frazzled residents of the area would warrant a simple notification from some of our social media-savvy City Council members or at most a sign warning us of the upcoming construction, like there is on Western by Interstate 44. Residents there are getting at least two weeks’ notice. While the city has explained on Twitter that we can expect the construction to end in May, projects in this “big league city” are known to often overshoot their estimates, as was the case of NW 8 Street downtown.

Davod Nematpour, Oklahoma City

Glad to see Inhofe running again

While Dennis Purifoy (Your Views, March 11) may not be happy to see Sen. Jim Inhofe run for re-election, I am very happy that he is. Inhofe is not the oldest member of Congress, and until we can get term limits in place at the federal level, we need men and women like him who have seniority in the Senate and House who can provide the leadership we need. It's obvious that Inhofe is in excellent health, otherwise he could not pass his flight physical or keep his pilot's license, much less stand the stresses of acrobatic flying, so as long as he can fly upside down, he's got my vote.

In the event Inhofe dies or becomes incapacitated, Gov. Kevin Stitt would have the opportunity to appoint a strong, electable Republican man or woman to finish out the term. Purifoy was also concerned with mental health and acuity. I have known men and women who were "old" at 55-60 and others who worked well into their 90s. At 94, Ed Malzan was CEO and primary owner of Ditch Witch headquartered in Perry. I knew a woman who worked as a church secretary/treasurer (her third career) until she was 96, and I know a retired surgeon who practiced surgery into his 70s and only recently retired from teaching at 84. I’ll take ability and desire to work over age any day. After all, age is just a day on the calendar.

Ed Cook, Oklahoma City

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