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Your Views Sunday, March 8

Sen. Jim Inhofe
Sen. Jim Inhofe

Happy to have Inhofe running for re-election

Glad to see where U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe has decided to run for another term. Oklahoma’s senior senator has served with honor throughout his career. His contributions to our state have been numerous, substantial and in so many ways incalculable.

As chairman of the armed services and public works committees, Inhofe has not only maintained the stability of Oklahoma’s military bases but added missions and workload despite a number of base closings and realignments through the years. Our nation’s and state’s surface transportation systems, even in this time of needed critical infrastructure infusion, are better off due to Inhofe’s tireless efforts.

In all my years working in the Oklahoma City Chamber, Inhofe always made himself available to discuss problems of concern in trying to work out solutions for the betterment of our metro area. No staff of any Oklahoma congressional office was more knowledgeable or more accessible and accommodating than that of Sen. Inhofe. Throughout his Senate career, he and his wife Kay have served our state in a distinguished and commendable manner. Thank you, senator.

Dean Schirf, Harrah

Schirf is a former vice president of government relations for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

Short memories about debate performances

Regarding the letter by Mary S. Smith (Your Views, March 1) and other Republican opinions about Democratic debates: Please replay or remember your party’s last primary debates, in which your representative — that fabulous, silver-tongued, superior Donald Trump — insulted personally, rudely or crudely all of the others running against him. When they tried to discuss issues, he replied with personal insults and fictional allegations. Evidently, Republicans prefer this type of so-called debate.

Too bad they won’t get the dramatic insults they prefer in the Democratic debates. Since their party is not going to be influenced by minor details that we like to call facts, why don’t they use their time for reading their president’s tweets and listening to Rush Limbaugh?

Laura Willis, Oklahoma City

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