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Your Views Wednesday, Feb. 19

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Stones, glass houses don’t mix

To all who complain about President Trump:

You say Trump lies but ignore Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, wiped her server and destroyed devices.

You say he’s against women’s health but ignore the Democratic platform that includes late-term abortions until birth.

You say a border wall is inhumane but ignore undocumented immigrants cross without vetting for disease, criminal behavior or child trafficking.

You say he’s not helping Americans but ignore sanctuary cities where undocumented immigrants have more rights than homeless citizens who live in filth and open drug use.

You say his policies cause havoc but support socialist policies promoted by Democrats in Congress.

You say he’s inciting violence but ignore masked Antifa thugs beating people who support him.

You say Christianity has no place in public institutions but welcome with open arms religions of other countries.

You say he committed impeachable offenses by questioning Ukraine corruption but ignore a former VP engaged in corrupt behavior as recorded on video.

You say he was part of Russian collusion but ignore the DNC for their part in this hoax.

You say Trump and his advisers acted with criminal intent but ignore the FBI presented false information to the FISC where the hoax began.

You say his State of the Union speech was a campaign rally but ignore that Speaker Pelosi made faces, rolled her eyes, thumbed through the speech and ceremoniously tore it up.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

B.D. Evans, Oklahoma City

Hearing the death knell of democracy?

Alarm bells are ringing after President Trump, with the help of Attorney General Bill Barr, interfered with the sentencing portion of Roger Stone's trial. If the justice branch of government comes under the control of the president, where he protects his friends and persecutes his enemies, we are hearing a democracy death knell.

I am so disappointed in Oklahoma Sens. Jim Inhofe and James Lankford, as they have rendered themselves and the GOP Senate (save Mitt Romney) impotent and irrelevant, and complicit with all our president has done and will do. They had their chance to remove a corrupt, lawless, cruel tyrant, but instead gave him a pass to run rampant over the Justice Department, the Constitution, and the patriots who dared to do their duty to testify about what they saw was wrong.

President Trump cannot comprehend and is threatened by people who are good and love their country, so he not only must remove them, but must destroy them and their families. It reminds me of childhood fables when evil is confronted by good it must destroy it. Of course, this intimidation is to be understood by everyone else that would dare speak up about his cruel and lawless behavior.

Pay attention to what the president does. Keep informed. Support our institutions, the media, journalists, newspapers, etc. Speak up about what is going wrong.

Karen Wood, Oklahoma City

The Orwellian University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma professor Peter Gade used the n-word in class and, suddenly, emotions are turned on and thought is turned off. People stopped listening to the message and fixated on the word they heard! Gade has confessed his “sin” and repented. Too little, too late. He must be punished, severely. He must meet with the university's “Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” He can no longer teach his class. Off with his head!

When did OU become the University of Dystopia? How did the thought police take over the administration? When did kowtowing to students become university policy? Would this administration advocate poisoning Socrates, too? Did this strike anyone else as something out of George Orwell’s “1984”?

William E. Jones, Oklahoma City

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