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Anna Holloway theater review: Bring a grownup to see 'The Cat in the Hat'

The cast of "The Cat in the Hat" brings the children's book to life on stage. [K. TALLEY PHOTOGRAPHY]
The cast of "The Cat in the Hat" brings the children's book to life on stage. [K. TALLEY PHOTOGRAPHY]

This review of a play is for children to read or listen to. The play is called “The Cat in the Hat,” and it is based on the book by Dr. Seuss. The Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, working with Adventure Theatre in Washington, D.C., has made this book come alive on the stage. It is a fun play for children and grownups. It is not too long so your grownups will not get bored. The play is at the Lyric Theatre in the Plaza until Feb. 9.

In this play, "The Cat in the Hat" is played by a human actor named Josiah Brooks. He uses a costume and makeup to look like The Cat from the book. Brooks also uses his face and voice and body to act like The Cat in the Hat, who does very silly things and causes a lot of trouble.

In the theater, there is a voice that helps to tell the story; this voice is called “the Narrator.” The Narrator is Ari Shapiro who works as a journalist on National Public Radio.

The Boy and Sally are played by puppets. Actors Eli Bradley and Kalyn Glover make the puppets move and talk. Both of them make the puppets feel like real children who are bored on snowy day.

There are two helper characters, who are called “Kitten 1” and “Kitten 2;” they are played by Kaleb Michael Bruza and Katelyn Curtin, and sometimes by Jonah White and Erin Thompson. These actors wear costumes made to fade into the background and help make the story happen. When Thing 1 and Thing 2 come to help The Cat in the Hat, these two actors also make Thing 1 and Thing 2 move and talk.

Lexi Windsor is the actor who plays the Fish, and she is very funny.

Sometimes in the play the characters come out into the audience and ask for help. After the play is over, the actors come out to answer questions from children about how the actors and the backstage workers made the play happen. They like to answer questions! When you come see the play, see if you can think of something to ask.

The play “The Cat in the Hat” is made by Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and by Adventure Theatre in Washington, D.C. The sets and the puppets and costumes will travel to Washington, D.C., soon so that children in that city can see it. The play is in Oklahoma City until Feb. 9, so you will have to come soon to see it.

Bring your parents or other grownups with you to see “The Cat in the Hat” at Lyric Theatre in the Plaza. Give the grownup the job of driving to the theater and paying for the tickets. They can go to a website at or they can call 405-524-9312. There are shows at different times on different days, including some morning and early afternoon shows.

Anna Holloway

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