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This Reynolds WRAP robe has you covered

Still looking for the perfect Dirty Santa gift?

Here’s something guaranteed to make everyone laugh. It’s the Reynolds WRAP, a limited-edition, full-length robe that features a festive design on top and a jeans design on the bottom.

Maybe it’s not suitable attire everywhere, but let’s consider the comfort factor. It allows the wearer to drink as much egg nog as desired, devour a half-dozen Christmas cookies and indulge in decadent desserts without the discomfort of tight clothing.

And if you’re wondering, the Reynolds WRAP is from the familiar food storage company that makes our favorite aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

The robe is $3.99. Check it out at

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The new Reynolds WRAP robe.

The new Reynolds WRAP robe.

<figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - The new Reynolds WRAP robe." title="The new Reynolds WRAP robe."><figcaption>The new Reynolds WRAP robe.</figcaption></figure>
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