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Bible lesson for Nov. 23, 2019

[File art: Pexels]
[File art: Pexels]

“He whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for he gives the Spirit without measure.”

— John 3:34John wrote that we can get information from the Earth and from above. Information from the Earth is of the Earth, whether our information comes from our imagination, speculation or investigation, or from someone else’s imagination, speculation or investigation. I suppose philosophers and scientists could explain how we get information better than most of us; but even then, their explanations are from the earth and therefore earthly (John 3:31). John also wrote that One who is above all came from above, from heaven to Earth, and He testified to what He had seen and heard in heaven. From John’s Gospel, we know this One is Jesus, God’s only Son. People choose whether they will accept and believe what they see and hear that is Earthly. People also choose whether they will believe what the Bible says about God and Jesus. John wrote that in his experience “no one” believed Jesus’ testimony about the things of heaven; yet, Jesus spoke the words of God. By “no one,” John meant “very few.” We often use the expressions “no one” and “everyone” to mean “very few” or “almost everyone” (they did the same in Bible times). Since very few accepted Jesus’ testimony, it was easy to arrange His crucifixion. Notice that John also wrote that some did accept Jesus’ testimony, and they certified that “God is true” (John 3:33). How could they certify this? First, Jesus performed many signs that proved He had come from God; so, when Jesus spoke, some recognized He spoke the words of God. Second, Jesus gave believers the Holy Spirit without any limit, and the Spirit inspired their confidence in Jesus.

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