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Oklahoma County property transactions from The Oklahoman for Nov. 23, 2019

Female's hand giving mortgage deed and keys from property over table. [File art: Pexels]
Female's hand giving mortgage deed and keys from property over table. [File art: Pexels]

Recent major sales in Oklahoma County totaled more than $35 million, according to deeds released from County Clerk David B. Hooten's office. To search more deeds go to Major sales are those of $200,000 or more.

$1,000,000 or more

• 2 South Broadway LLC and SCM Holdings LLC from The Fountains LLC, 300 W Edmond Road, Edmond, Suite E, $2,475,000.

• CNP OKC Real Estate LLC from 82nd Street Development LLC, property near the northeast corner of Broadway Extension and E Wilshire Boulevard, $1,380,000.

• 7-Eleven LLC from MI #2 LLC, 5901 SW 8, $1,245,000.

• OK Deer Creek Commercial Land LLC from Deer Creek 192 LLC, property near the southeast corner of NW 192 and N May Avenue, $1,200,000.

• Jay’s 66 Stop LLC from Briscoe Family LP, property near the southeast corner of S High Avenue and SE 59, $1,000,000.

$999,999 to $300,000

• Kelli R. and Eric S. Gleichman from Brandon Rhinehart and Melanie Rhinehart, co-trustees of the Rhinehart Family Trust, 3300 NW 175, $860,000.

• M2 Real Estate LLC from Twins Legacy LLC, 9500 Westgate Road, Suite 100, $800,000.

• James S. Wood from Mari M. Medley, trustee of the Mari M. Medley Revocable Trust, 3133 Thorn Ridge Road, $781,000.

• 200 @ Rockwell LLC from Team Giant LLC, property is near the northeast corner of N Rockwell Avenue and W Reno Avenue, $770,000.

• Brodersen LLC from Sco-Jo Properties LLC, 3027 Willowood Road, Suite 110, Edmond, $744,000.

• Brian Michael Simms from Diane Cooper Timmerman, also known as Diane Timmerman O’Connor, trustee of the Diane Cooper Timmerman Revocable Trust, 1874 Drakestone Ave., Nichols Hills, $700,000.

• JHCF Real Estate Co. LLC from Flatlands Treading Co. Inc. and J&B Supply Inc., 1621 SE Grand Blvd., 1220 E Grand Blvd., $688,000.

• Bryan and Manisone Hubbard from Mell Trissel, also known as Mell L. Trissel, and Julie Trissel, now known Julie Shubert, 18717 Hunter Creek Drive, $685,000.

• James T. and Melissa L. Woodson from Dwight N. and Mary K. Thompson, 16808 Conifer Lane, $650,000.

• Sara B. Cunningham from Stephen Todd and Trisha Franz, 5501 NW 132, $625,000.

• David and Gay Winters from the Stewart and Mary Scannell Family Revocable Trust, 11224 Autumn Road, $575,000.

• Thomas Maxwell, also known as Thomas N. Maxwell, and Vadhy Salome Motta Ponciano from Gregory Bruce Dykes Sr. and Kelly Kay Dykes, trustees of the Gregory Bruce Dyke Sr. and Kelly Kay Dykes Living Trust, 2616 Maverick Road, Edmond, $550,000.

• Kayla Kay Bourland and Alexander Taft Bourland from Wheeler Homes LLC, 1812 Runway Blvd., $543,000.

• James B. Jr. and Micha M. Sale from Southern Nazarene University, 8109 Brownsville Lane, Bethany, $540,000.

• Jonathan and Leslie Poe from Patricia S. Thomas, 1428 NW 36, $515,000.

• Tricia Opper and Aaron Belanger from W Design Custom Homes LLC, 13113 Mackinac Island Drive, $480,000.

• Amy and Troy Weber from Manchester Homes LLC, 14717 Sedona Drive, $472,000.

• Michael and Sharon McKethan from Andi and Lauren Ashley Kabuci, 3201 Lavender Lane, Edmond, $450,000.

• Khai Q. Tran and Linh Nguyen from Summit Ridge Villas LLC, 401 Summit Ridge Drive, $440,000.

• AE Newport LLC from Charles A. Shadid LLC, 9120 N MacArthur Blvd., $433,000.

• Jeffrey Hirsch from Frank Keating Revocable Trust, 6206 Waterford Blvd., Unit 68, $425,000.

• Tianna Truc Vo and Cong Bao Quoc Tran from Taber Built Homes LLC, 8808 NW 123, $413,000.

• Michael J. and Roxie E. McNabb from Jimmy S. and Sue A. Sigman, 12801 Glen Aeire Road, $410,000.

• Lisa Jo and Raymond Marshall Puckett from James P. and Michele Lynn Brown, 1312 Boomer Trail, Edmond, $405,000.

• Anabia LLC from Hamida K. and Syed M. Ahmed, 3617 S Walker Ave., $400,000.

• Corbin Clark Wallace and Laine P. Wallace from Huston Investments LLC, 600 NW 36 Terrace, $390,000.

• Terri King from Joshua and Jaquelyn Musgrove, 1111 Bedford Drive, Nichols Hills, $385,000.

• James P. and Marjorie Kessler from Matthew Maples, also known as Matthew Ryan Maples, and Taylor Maples, also known as Taylor Gale Maples, 14915 N Hogback Road, Jones, $383,000.

• Erich Adler Schnell, also known as Erich Schnell, and Ashlee Denise Whittle, also known as Ashlee Whittle from Gary Douglas Gray, 218 NE 14, $379,000.

• James Michael Holt II, also known as James Michael Holt, and Dawn Rene’ Holt from Damian Wilson, also known as Damien Wilson, and Scottie L. Wilson, 1017 Prospect Court, Edmond, $370,000.

• Caleb and Alicia Weaver from Blake Wright, also known as Blake D. Wright, and Gena M. Wright, 10933 Maple Grove, $365,000.

• James Investment Properties LLC from BSW Properties LLC, 225 NW 150, $360,000.

• Ryan Darrell and Danielle E. Cox from Eric Nicholas and Kasey Dawn Allen, 3301 Briargate Road, Edmond, $358,000.

• Brian Cummings from Randall L. and Anne M. Koukal, 3625 S Lightner Lane, $355,000.

• Gary Joseph Felthousen and Cheryl Lynn Lockhart from Seth and Carly Murphy, 15204 Daybright Drive, $345,500.

• Brent W. Peck from James Lee and Margaret Mayfield, 19000 N County Line Road, $340,000.

• Tony Gould and Tami Gould from Marcus B. II and Pamela S. Whitt, 3232 Songwood Drive, Edmond, $335,000.

• Joshua and Audra Kaylyn Rivera from Ryan P. Sanjenis, 18513 Salvador Road, $327,000.

• Andrew and Kaydee Norton from Shown Forth Inc., doing business as Shawn forth Custom Homes Inc., 504 NW 186, $323,500.

• Richard Winfield Duken II from Charles Nicholas and Danay Sandini, 1001 Hunters Pointe Road, Edmond, $315,000.

• Joshua Hammond and Shaneqwa N. Hammond from Dusten and Michelle Metz, 1900 NW 193 Circle, $305,000.

• Brent Reynolds and Jo’ Nel Reynolds from One Cut LLC, 820 NW 7, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

• Michael Curtis and Kristin Sackett from William A. and Teresa Dory, 324 Bradbury Drive, Edmond, $292,000.

• Katie Elizabeth and Christopher Cody Ritter from J. Lawrence Huber Jr., also known as J.L. Huber, and Donya Gay Huber, 14295 Whippoorwill Vista, Choctaw, $291,000.

• Amado and Jessica Capetillo from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18805 Bajo Drive, $290,500.

• Jennifer Joy Matias and Joseph Stalyn Matias Moris from Joel L. and Paula Sander, 17104 Holly Burn Circle, $285,000.

• Barbara Anne Wible from McCaleb Homes Inc., 1724 Boathouse Road, Edmond, $283,000.

• Clayton E. and Lissa A. Holmes from Larry G. and Estella M. Smith, 2849 S Indian Meridian Road, Choctaw, $280,000.

• DeNoya L. Crawford and Tony D. Crawford from Loyce N. Edwards, 17013 Wales Green Ave., $277,500.

• Drew Rolader and Shelby Rolader from Schwarz Construction Group LLC, 2007 NW 16, $275,000.

• Mark and Judith Adkinson from Joseph Edward Campbell and Tiffany Dawn Campbell, formerly known as Tiffany Dawn Jensen, 16025 Teesdale Road, $270,000.

• Patrick Loo and Grace Tai from Tinker Villas LLC, 5004 Avion Court, $265,000.

• Jennifer Huffhines from Taber Built Homes LLC, 15924 Iron Ridge Road, $264,500.

• Stefanie M. Livingston and Tristan C. Livingston from Dustin K. and Margaret White, 4205 NE 141, $260,000.

• Charles Thomas Jr. and Stephanie A. Nemecek from Richard Andrew and Brittany Dael Romick, 156 Oakridge Drive, Choctaw, $257,000.

• Ethan Neal and Amy Neal from Mario and Jennifer Selling Montagna, 3829 NW 68, $255,000.

• Randy Mendenhall from Jamey and Mary M. Mendenhall, 3109 Cumberland Drive, Edmond, $254,000.

• Jose Lopez from 8705 S. McKinley Ave LLC, 8705 S McKinley Ave., $248,000.

• Aaron M. and Melinda Singleton from Robert G. Kramer and Ellen D. Kramer, trustees of the Robert G. Kramer Sr. & Ellen D. Kramer Living Trust, 17400 Hawks Tree Lane, $247,500.

• Nathan T. and Megan L. Whitman from NE16 Development LLC, 1718 NE 16, $245,000.

• Edward C. Paine from Jeffrey T. and Michelle D. Koehn, 9906 Pheasant Lane, $238,000.

• Lynn J. Jr. and Gail M. Fry from SWM & Sons Inc., 908 S Westminster Road, Midwest City, $236,000.

• Priscilla Hill from Clell I. Cunningham III, trustee of the Clell I. Cunningham III Revocable Trust, 7016 N Lake Front Drive, Warr Acres, $233,000.

• Tina S. Stalker-Betts and Michael S. Betts from Kenneth L. and Mary Jo Armstrong, 4618 Sandy Oak Road, Newalla, $227,000.

• Winston and Wydell Hamilton from Tommy Huelskamp LLC, 7209 NW 111 Terrace, $225,000.

• Karen A. and George D. Graham from Bela Geczy Jr. and Beverly Neill Hairston, 3421 Lytal Terrace, Edmond, $220,000.

• Donald Ray and Jacobi Lea Amend from Timothy A. and Jessica Rickman, 804 Charlton Road, Edmond, $219,000.

• Charles and Jessica Peters from Madelyn L. Ferina, also known as Madelyn Ferina, 1101 Twisted Oak Drive, Midwest City, $210,000.

• Laurel Alexandra Eve from Oliver Management LLC, 1305 Carlisle Court, $209,500.

• Starre J. and Michael E. Wells from Dawn M. and Kory Thompson, 20101 NE 63, Harrah, $205,000.

• Evan Elder from Steven Paul Kochenower, 2647 NW 24, $203,000.

• Nhi Dinh and Huong Dinh from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2120 Campoli Drive, $200,000.