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5 horror movies that take place in Oklahoma


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Halloween is here, which means it's time to bust out some horror movies to set the mood. Why not keep things a little local this year?

Here are 5 horror movies that take place in Oklahoma.

'The Ripper'

"The Ripper" isn't a fantastic movie, but it isn't God-awful, either, especially when you consider it was filmed on a $75,000 budget in 1985. And, it gets bonus points for starring horror icon Tom Savini.

An old antique ring turns a college professor into a homicidal maniac when he puts it on. The ring originaly belonged to Jack the Ripper, and the Ripper's spirit possesses whoever wears it.

Filming locations include Tulsa, and the University of Oklahoma.


Made for about $150,000 and filmed almost entirely in Tulsa, "Revenge" stars the "Master of Horror" John Carradine as a "cult of devil-worshippers prey on students for human sacrifice." 

'Terror at Tenkiller'

If you've never seen "Terror at Tenkiller," then you're in for a treat with this movie filmed around the state, including Ft. Gibson.

Leslie and Janna are a couple of attractive young ladies who decide to go on vacation at a remote cabin in the woods. However, things go nightmarishly awry after a dangerous maniac shows up in the area and starts bumping folks off. Will anyone survive the terror at Tenkiller?

Michael Shamus Wiles stars. You might remember him from "Breaking Bad" and "Sons of Anarchy."


So, OK. "Bug" isn't a good movie, but it stars Michael Shannon, one of my favorite actors, so I've seen it a few times. Here's the synopsis:

An unhinged war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a spooky Oklahoma motel room. The line between reality and delusion is blurred as they discover a bug infestation.

It also stars Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr.

'Near Dark'

No list about Oklahoma-based horror movies is complete without the mention of "Near Dark," the 1987 classic flick about "a small-town farmer's son who reluctantly joins a traveling group of vampires after he is bitten by a beautiful drifter."

The film stars cinema heroes like Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen, and is one of director Kathryn Bigelow's finest.

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