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New renderings, animation submitted for NW 4 and E.K. Gaylord proposals

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Dueling developments proposed for triangular plot in OKC

With reviews underway at Urban Renewal, the two groups competing to acquire and develop the empty triangular block at NW 4, E.K. Gaylord and Broadway have submitted new renderings. Rose Rock has submitted new renderings and animation updating their prior plans while the renderings revealed today are brand new and the first real visual glimpse of their plans.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber once proposed building a new headquarters at NW 4 and E.K. Gaylord Boulevard more than a dozen years ago that at the time was criticized as being too suburban for the site.

The block has been empty since it was carved out in the mid 1970s to create E.K. Gaylord Boulevard. The block previously was envisioned for a new Greater Oklahoma Chamber headquarters. The project was scrapped after the 2008 national economic collapse.

Times Square, a 17-story residential tower with  36,500 square feet of retail and a seven-story garage was proposed in 2016 by Jonathan Russell and Mark Ruffin after they acquired the privately-owned east half of the block from SandRidge Energy.

The proposed timetable called for construction to start by the spring of 2018 with completion in the fall of 2019.

 The project was scrapped this past year, though the pair still own the property.

Why is this property so hard to develop?

The triangular shaped, 3-acre property at the southeast corner of NW 4 and E.K. Gaylord has been subject to split ownership for more than three decades with the eastern third owned by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority and the west two-thirds owned by a series of private owners, now Russell and Ruffin.

So when the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority put out its third request for development proposals, those responding had a choice: propose for just the eastern third of the block, or get a contract with Russell and Ruffin and propose for the  Urban Renewal land to get the full block.

Rose Rock, which is set to develop Boulevard Place apartments and retail next to the Omni Hotel in the Park Union district (formerly known as Core to Shore) propose building a mix of parking, retail, restaurants and offices that will include a regional bank operation.

Below are the renderings by FSB:

New animation of the Rose Rock proposal:

The Rose Rock proposals calls for an eight-story building with a 6,600-square-foot ground floor space for a bank branch with an attached drive-through.The proposal comes with a letter of interest from an unidentified regional bank indicating desire to lease up to 20,000 square feet and to lease the remainder of the building by offering the remaining space to clients.

Three of the eight stories would be structured parking with a restaurant and event space proposed for the rooftop. The proposal suggests starting construction by winter with an opening by early 2022.

Previously, our only real glimpse of the Bomasada plan was the site rendering. Bomasada, which previously developed The Metropolitan at NW 6 and Oklahoma Avenue, is proposing a six-story, 300-unit apartment building for the entire block. Unlike Rose Rock, Bomasada as an agreement with Russell and Ruffin to buy the eastern two-thirds of the block.

The site plan shows parking on the private property, which is under contract with Bomasada, and the six-story apartment building to be built on Urban Renewal side of the block with a courtyard in the middle of a triangular-shaped building.

Now we have renderings to go with the site plan:

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