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Flutter those lashes … it’s their day in the spotlight

Today is National Lash Day so let’s talk mascara.

Without mascara, lashes wouldn’t get much attention.

Around 4,000 B.C. Egyptian men and women used kohl mixed with honey, water and crocodile dung to darken eyes, lashes and brows to ward off evil spirits.

In the 1830s, women were still creating their own cosmetics, experimenting with recipes for mascaras and eyeliners.

Then in 1872, an ingredient was patented that would become prominent in mascara. It took a few years, but in the 1910s French chemist Eugene Rimmel created the first commercial non-toxic mascara, a blend of petroleum and black coal dust. The cake mascara wasn’t perfect, but it was wildly popular.

In 1915, Chicago chemist T.L. Williams devised a similar formula for his sister Maybel and later formed his company, Maybelline, known today for its signature pink tubed mascara with the green lid.

Wands with bristled brushes made the application process easier in the late '50s and mascara became even more popular.  In 1971, Maybelline introduced Great Lash, which would become one of the best-selling mascaras in the world. A tube of Great Lash is sold every 2 seconds; over 40,000 tubes sold each day. It is the company’s best-selling product and has earned the Allure Readers’ Choice Award 20 years in a row.

Today almost every cosmetics company has at least one mascara, usually two, three or more formulas. Opinions vary on which formulas/brands are the best.  But most women agree they never leave home without applying a quick swipe or two of mascara.

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Today is National Lash Day.

Today is National Lash Day.

<figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - Today is National Lash Day." title="Today is National Lash Day."><figcaption>Today is National Lash Day.</figcaption></figure>
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