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Anna Hollway review: Lots of Fun with ‘Curious George: The Golden Meatball’ at the Plaza

Note: This is a review for young audiences.

Lyric’s Theatre for Young Audiences has produced a fun and lively show for young children. “Curious George: The Golden Meatball” is a story about Curious George, who is a young monkey, and his friend, the Man With the Yellow Hat, who go on an adventure to help out a friend. The show is not very long—less than an hour—and the characters come down into the audience and talk to the audience sometimes. When they do that, it is okay to talk to them and play with them. If you have never seen live theater before, this was a good place to learn how it works and find out if you like it. 

The show tells us the story of George on Meatball Day at Chef Pisghetti’s Italian restaurant.  The chef is invited to Rome to compete in a meatball contest, and all his friends go with him to help out. In the end, George learns the secret ingredient to great cooking.

This play has music and dancing in it. The story and words were written by Jeremy Desmon, and the music was written by John Kavanaugh. Matthew Sipress is the director and choreographer — He is the person who told the actors where to stand and what to do and who designed the dances. These are not people you see on the stage, but without them, the story would not happen.

The people on the stage are the actors, who say the words of the play and sing the songs and dance the dances. They wear costumes to show you who they are.   

The actor who plays Curious George is Gavin Guthrie, and Greg Gore plays the Man With the Yellow Hat. Justin Larman is Chef Pisghetti, and Jenna Mazzoccoli plays the chef’s wife, Netti. Elvie Ellis plays Phineas, and Bailey Maxwell plays the Doorman. Sometimes, some of the actors also play other characters, which they do by changing costumes.  

When you go to the theater, you can clap and hooray when something special happens. When the actors come down into the audience, you can play with them a little, but you do not have to. It is good manners to stay as quiet as you can so other people can hear and see. 

The Lyric website has a downloadable coloring book and a PBS activities book for children. It might help to understand the story if you have read one of the books about Curious George written by Margaret and H.A. Rey, or if you have seen the PBS series. 

Lyric Theatre will have other fun shows in the future. For information, go to

Anna Holloway

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