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The OK -- The Health Issue

I turned seven in 1968, the youngest of four, but old enough to remember the dinner table disagreements that sometimes grew heated.

My dad, a combat veteran of World War II, at that point, still supported America's involvement in Vietnam.

My mom, with her oldest child, my brother Gerry, then approaching draft age, most certainly did not. Nor did Gerry.

Like the nation, we were a family divided, the debate playing out between the servings of meat and potatoes.

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Gerry would go on to college. He never went to Vietnam. My dad, too, would eventually sour on the war.

I really don't remember the day Martin was shot. Or Bobby. But year's later, I still carry the vivid memories of those long-ago dinners.

In this issue of The OK, Josh Dulaney takes us back to that most volatile year, one of the most tumultuous in American history, through the eyes of Oklahomans who lived through it.

Elsewhere in the magazine we focus on health, including our cover story by Matt Patterson about an inspirational young gymnast from Hugo.

And we've got food, fashion, technology, real estate and plenty more. We hope you enjoy.

Peace and love.

Phillip O'Connor

Phillip O'Connor

O'Connor joined the Oklahoman staff in June, 2012 after working at The Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch for a combined 28 years. O'Connor, an Oklahoma City resident, is a graduate of Kansas State University. He has written frequently... Read more ›