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The OK -- The Food Issue

Peanut butter. If I have one go-to food, that's it. Crunchy or smooth? Doesn't matter. Jif, Skippy or Peter Pan? Don't care. Love them all.

On toast, on a cracker. Plain or with a pickle, like my mom taught me. Even on a hamburger. If you haven't had a “goober burger,” you should. They're delicious.

Admittedly, mine is a simple palette. The good news is I know the "Food Dude," Dave Cathey, whose tastes are a bit more sophisticated. Dave, The Oklahoman's long-time food writer, will be your gustatory guide through this edition of The OK, The Food Issue.

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In the coming pages, you'll hear from restaurant legends and those just starting to earn a name in the business. We'll take you to some of the most exciting venues in town, introduce you to some of the hottest chefs going and offer tantalizing glimpses of their tastiest dishes.

We'll take a look back at some of The Oklahoman's past food writers, find out why columnist Ken Raymond is such a picky eater and learn from experts how to cook an Oklahoma classic _ the onion burger.

We'll introduce you to a young woman who returned to her roots on an Oklahoma cattle ranch, profile a public defender whose spent more than thirty years battling for the rights of the accused and take you on a tour of some of Oklahoma City's newest music venues.

Plus you'll find news about real estate, fashion, technology, tons of photos and plenty more.

Happy reading and eating.