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NewsOK and The Oklahoman can help you form your habits

You can’t help it. Your habits will form. It just happens.

Download the NewsOK App. Then download The Oklahoman’s App. Use both of them – scroll, browse, tap.

You will form daily habits. It’s inevitable.

NewsOK and The Oklahoman can help you form your news and information habits – even ones you don’t admit in high-brow conversations about world politics and global economics.

I’m not ashamed. I’ll talk about my favorite news and information app habits right here.

The NewsOK App. I go there every day, and not just because of the continuous list of news headlines from The Oklahoman’s newsroom. I also go there every day because it’s the place I know I can get a quality list of the sports to be aired on television each night.

That same information is on the NewsOK desktop site and on in the Sports section, but the NewsOK app has it right in the navigation. That often helps me decide at 7 p.m. if the TV will be turned on that night.

The Oklahoman App. I admit it, I visit the Comics section each day on The Oklahoman App. Where else can  you swipe through the comics each day so easily.

I’m very proud of the work our team put into creating a high-quality premium app for our subscribers – one that has all the breaking news and personalized feeds while maintaining a clean experience for daily editions. It’s really great for serious news consumers. But honestly, I also love swiping through the Comics as a quick distraction each day. That’s my favorite.

The NewsOK App. Scrolling down is the easiest thing to do on your phone, followed closely behind swiping. The beauty of the NewsOK is that you can do both. When you swipe sideways at the top, you see the latest editor-chosen articles and galleries and videos.

When you scroll down, you see the most recent posts, in order of when they were posted. That’s my habit. I launch the NewsOK app and immediately start to scroll down. I scroll until I find something I want to read more about. The NewsOK App is easy to use for an expert scroller who needs to know a little about a lot.

The Oklahoman App. Yeah, I read the stories in the news section and through our Politics page, the World news page. I also see the top stories in the Business section, not to mention Sports and bonus topics. But I will inevitably go to the Life section each day and scroll until I find the daily Dear Abby column.

I said it. It’s only been running in our newspaper for decades. Again, The Oklahoman’s App daily editions are truly a great place to see the context of the day’s news in easy-to-read lists. I look at those. I read the main sections. Then I read Dear Abby, and I always enjoy it.

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