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Oklahoma Vice: Police search luxury apartment in Weed family investigation

Oklahoma City police believe the aptly named Weed family are involved in a "nationwide marijuana dealing enterprise," according to a search warrant affidavit. 

Earlier this week, police raided a luxury apartment at Oklahoma City's Founders Tower in connection with the Weed family investigation. 

The Weed brothers are identified in court documents by Oklahoma City police as Eric, David, Blake and Brandon. Several have made headlines after separate marijuana-related arrests in Oklahoma City over the past year.

Margery and Jeffrey Weed are the parents and there's also a Jason Weed, although we're not sure where he fits in the family tree. 

"All are believed to be at some level involved in the distribution of marijuana," according to the court affidavit. 

Jason Weed
Jason Weed

Jason Tyler Weed, 25, was arrested after police allegedly found more than 10 pounds of marijuana, about $2,800 in cash and an assault style rifle in a car he was driving. 

Eric Weed
Eric Weed

Eric Weed, 21, is facing charges Yavapai County, Arizona for trafficking more than of 25 pounds of marijuana, according to the affidavit.  

Brandon Weed
Brandon Weed

Brandon Clay Weed, 19, was arrested in August after police found nearly 10 pounds of marijuana, $45,000 in cash, scales, bongs, two assault-style rifles, a shotgun and three handguns, in his possession. 

Brandon Weed is also facing trafficking charges in Texas County for more than 50 pounds of weed, according to the affidavit.

This week, Oklahoma City police an apartment on the 16th floor of the local landmark Founders Tower building in connection with an ongoing investigation into the Weed family's alleged pot empire, according to a search warrant application filed in Oklahoma County District Court.

Oklahoma City police have been investigating the Weeds for the past year, serving search warrants and conducting surveillance at multiple places of residence in Oklahoma City.

The most recent police raid at Founders Tower yielded no evidence and police seized nothing from the apartment, according to court records. 

Police searched the apartment for "documentary evidence of nationwide marijuana sales," the affidavit said. 

Brandon Weed, his girlfriend and another man were believed to be living in the 1,400 square-foot apartment with panoramic views of Oklahoma City. 

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