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NewsOK App allows you to see new content fast than ever before

“It all loads faster than before.”

That’s what I told our developers after I used the NewsOK mobile app in a test environment about a month ago.

And that was the goal. New content should load as fast as possible. And that’s what is happening now on the NewsOK app. As you scroll to see more available stories, new content loads a little quicker than before.

It’s really a small difference, but mobile news consumers have a need for speed. If we have to wait a second, we might move on. That’s the world of mobile news and information.

At The Oklahoman, we’re always looking for ways to improve our digital experiences for our digital products – both for NewsOK’s app and The Oklahoman’s app.

Let’s look backward a little bit. We launched a new NewsOK mobile experience about 15 months ago. The concept is to give our users a news experience that is similar to the experience they have scrolling through social media feeds.

We deliver the editor-chosen stories at the top of the page and encourage you to swipe through those options.

Then we want you to scroll down and see all the content we have in a continuous scroll. It’s a great way to see the latest available stories on all of our topics – news, sports, business, education, health, around the web, OU, OSU, Thunder, politics, government, development and so on and so on and so on. If you want to filter your scroll to specific topics, you can simply use the navigation to choose your specific page.

You can scroll down and see everything we have. Keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. You will see things you might not have seen if we were just giving you a few options on the mobile page.

“I can’t even tell that we’re loading more content,” I said. “That’s seamless.”

That scroll is what’s loading faster than ever. Our developer, Jacob Sullivan, spent time researching new code in order to optimize the technology that supports the continuous scroll. We launched it – and now we are able to save our users about ½ of a second as they scroll on NewsOK’s app.

Jacob spent a couple weeks for you to save that time.

“This is going to make a huge difference,” I said.

Use the NewsOK app today and see the difference ½ of a second can make.


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Alan Herzberger

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