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Memories of War: OKC brother and sister pen patriotic song

By August 20, 1942 the United States was on a wartime footing. Propaganda posters, victory gardens and music were just some of the ways America's fighting spirit was displayed.

Albert and Caroline Pick, a brother and sister from Oklahoma City, got in on the act when they composed "Golden U.S. America". The song made news locally when it was accepted by a New York music publishing house. There's no indication of what "accepted" means, but the song was dedicated to president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Albert said he came up with some of the lyrics while working his paper route and his sister helped put it all together. The song was later copyrighted, according to the story.

Here are the words to "Golden U.S. America":

Golden US America. Have you heard that phrase?

It is true as ever a true word was and it was proven in the early days .

It is in this US America where the prairie schooner rolled

Not many years before this time where now the steam-lines patrol

It is in this land of freedom where a man is truly a man,

Where he lives by the laws of nature and proves it with his hand.

These fourty-eight stars embedded in blue forever shining high,

Amid the strips of red and white declaring for freedom will fight.

It is in the US AMerica where the light will never rail,

And she's above on all we love in freedom and liberty.

But now the greatest glory is yet to come

For golden US America is still very young.

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