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Bingo Blowout is back in The Oklahoman and on digital products

The game is on again – the Bingo Blowout game.

It’s a popular game because it’s a fun and easy way to interact with the newspaper and The Oklahoman’s digital products every day.

Cards were distributed in the newspaper last Sunday (Aug. 6) and the numbers began appearing the following day (Aug. 7).

And just like the Bingo game we had during the spring, additional numbers are available for subscribers on

This time, however, we’ve also added the additional digital numbers on The Oklahoman’s iOS application and the new Android application.

(Quick plug … If you have an Android device, download The Oklahoman’s app right now. You will like it.)

Here’s what the Monday edition looked like on the Android app.

It looks the same on our iOS application, as well. Find the Bingo section in the menu at the bottom of the screen and click on the article that’s in the Bingo section. That’s where you get your number.

The idea is pretty simple. Take the card that was in your newspaper on Aug. 6 and fill out the numbers as you see them printed in the newspaper each day. You can get a second number by logging in to either or one of The Oklahoman’s apps on iOS devices or Android devices.

If you complete the card, mail it to us to have a chance to win the $1,000.

The math is easy, even for me. Subscribers who log in to one of the digital products will have an increased chance of filling out their Bingo card.

You can find numbers through Sept. 27.

If you missed Sunday's edition and didn't get the card, you can come by our downtown office and pick up a card so you can play, too.




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