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The Morning Brew: Tiger cub boom at the OKC Zoo

It's Tuesday July 25, or exactly five months to the day before Christmas.

Another look at OKC's new Tiger cub

The tiger population at the Oklahoma City Zoo has exploded in recent weeks. Three cubs were born to Lola, a six-year-old Sumatran tiger on July 8.

Two days later a litter of Siberian tigers were born at the Philadelphia Zoo. It didn't go well. Two were stillborn, one was injured by its mother and later died, and still another developed gastrointestinal problems that led to its death.

That left Zoya as the sole survivor but the cub was rejected by its mother. Enter Lola and her cubs. Staff from both zoos are hoping she will take care of Zoya like one of her own and early signs point to that possibility.

 Lola nursed Zoya shortly after the cub was introduced into the den with his new, albeit temporary brothers, zoo officials said Monday.

Lola, her three cubs, and Zoya are expected to be off public view over the next few weeks.

 Siberian tiger cubs look similar to Sumatran tigers at birth. Zoya is the cub that is second from the left, slightly lighter in color than its three litter mates.


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