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'Covfefe' will live an Oklahoma license plate

Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman
Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman

There were plenty of reactions when President Donald Trump posted a bizarre late-night tweet a month ago, sparking a national search for the meaning of "covfefe."

"Despite the negative press covfefe," the president wrote.

And that was it. For hours, the typo remained at the top of Trump's twitter account. There were plenty of jokes, explanations and tongue-in-cheek responses from supporters. But in Oklahoma, in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow, one man wanted to memorialize the word in a more permanent way.

He applied for a personalized license plate. On Wednesday, the state of Oklahoma relented.

John Trebilcock is a Republican. He's also a former state lawmaker who served 12 years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

The oil and gas attorney is no fan of the president and frequently uses Twitter as an outlet to vent his frustrations.

"I'm not a fan because he literally contradicts himself daily and is only concerned with feeding his own ego," said Trebilcock. "On top of that, stoking the fires of 'birtherism' should have disqualified him from being taken seriously."

Trebilcock retweeted the now-deleted post shortly after it appeared, adding only a single question mark. He applied for the license plate the next day.

"Covfefe just seems like a perfect description of our fact-free politics these days, which both the right and the left are guilty of," Trebilcock told The Oklahoman. "People root for their teams and disregard truth."

He's not alone in wanting a covfefe license plate. According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, four other people applied but were too late.

It costs $23 to get a personalized plate, but the Tax Commission can reject words that are deemed to be offensive to the general public. For example, the commission has denied requests to drive around with IFARTD and TXSUCKS plates.

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Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman

Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman

<figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman" title="Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman"><figcaption>Photo illustration by Christopher Schoelen, The Oklahoman</figcaption></figure>
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