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Comic books might hit the spot for Father's Day

The cover to "Soldier's Heart." [Fantagraphics Image]

The cover to "Soldier's Heart." [Fantagraphics Image]


With Father's Day approaching, here are a few comic-book related suggestions for and about fathers.

Of course, the most important gift you can give your dad, if you can, is a bit of your time.

Have a great day, dads, and those of you who can, give your dad a call, a hug, a high-five or a kind word or thought this weekend.

'Superman' and 'Action Comics'

Superman's role as a father has become more prominent in the comics released in the past year, following DC Comics' "Rebirth" event. Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane are raising their son, Jonathan Kent, who also exhibits super powers.

"The new "Superman Rebirth" comic, (with) two graphic novels out: Son of Superman & Trial of the Supersons, are among the best superhero comics out," said Ralph Mathieu of Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas.

Writer Dan Jurgens of "Action Comics" shared with The Oklahoman how Superman acts as a father in that ongoing comic-book series.

"He was raised on a farm by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who went out of their way to teach him the value of life and instill in him a sound moral base," Jurgens said in a previous interview with The Oklahoman. "Superman would approach his own son with the same sensibility, reinforced by Lois."

Jurgens said fans may be more hungry for Superman's core values than they were in the 1990s, when Jurgens was part of the creative team behind the famous "Death of Superman" storyline.

“I actually think fans are a bit more enthused about Superman and his legacy today than they were in the 1990s,” Jurgens said. “Back then, I think there was more of a desire for dark characters, stories and comics. To a certain extent, I think people were looking for a Superman that really drifted into that territory. ... We've had 25 years of those stories now, not necessarily with Superman, but certainly with a lot of other characters. We've worked away from some of that and now appreciate the best that Superman has to offer.”

Meanwhile, stories featuring Jon and Damian, the son of Batman, can be found in the ongoing series "Super Sons."


James Robinson's 80-issue series “Starman” followed the adventures of Jack Knight as he tried to step into his retired father's footsteps as the superhero Starman.

During the course of the series, Jack grows from a self-centered junk dealer to a selfless hero and, eventually, into a father himself.

'The Button'

The recent Batman-Flash crossover "The Button" allowed Bruce Wayne to meet a version of his father, as he and the Flash crossed into an alternate universe. Their story is a follow-up of sorts to the tales in the crossover "Flashpoint" and the miniseries "Flashpoint: Batman."

"It deals with the relationship between Thomas Wayne and Bruce, (and is) very moving," said Carr D'Angelo of Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, California.

'You'll Never Know'

Mathieu also recommends the three-volume series 'You'll Never Know' from Carol Tyler, which in 2015 was collected in one volume as "Soldier's Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father — A Daughter's Memoir."

"Carol Tyler's autobiographical graphic novels, 'You'll Never Know,' about her father's (war) experiences, is a beautiful sad story about World War II and family," Mathieu said.

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