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Oklahoma Vice: Mom threatened by Irish Mob cooperated in homicide investigation


Gang members allegedly kidnapped and threatened to break the teeth of a Tulsa woman who gave police information about the death of a man caught up in the ongoing war between the United Aryan Brotherhood and the Irish Mob.  

The woman cooperated with police in the investigation of the February 2016 slaying of 23-year old Blaine Wells.

A high-ranking Irish Mob associate, 39-year-old Shane Allen Vanderpool, was convicted of first-degree murder in Wells' death. A Tulsa County District Court judge sentenced Vanderpool to life without parole in April. 

According to the prosecution, the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. Vanderpool was looking for a member of the rival United Aryan Brotherhood and shot Wells believing he was someone else.

Wells had no involvement in the Irish Mob or the United Aryan Brotherhood.  

The Irish Mob Gang has a documented history of trying to intimidate witnesses in criminal cases involving its members. 

In retaliation for cooperation with police in the investigation into Wells' death, Irish Mob Gang members held the woman and her two young daughters against their will in a motel parking lot, according police and court records.  

The men, Josh Edward Krepps, 30, and Timothy James Ray Ignatovich, 34, allegedly threatened to knock the woman's teeth out, then take her car and "finish her," according to a federal indictment filed in the case.


 I wrote this weekend about the Irish Mob Gang's efforts to silence witnesses in criminal cases involving gang members. Read more here:

Ignatovich struck a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in September. The terms of the plea agreement are sealed, perhaps because of an ongoing investigation or maybe even to protect Ignatovich from being a victim of gang retaliation himself. In a written confession, Ignatovich said his goal was not to intimidate the woman after she gave information to police, but to collect money that she owed one of his associates. 

"An associate of mine had previously asked me to collect a debt from the woman, and instructed me
to knock out her teeth," Ignatovich wrote in the confession. 

The woman had her two young daughters with her in her car when Ignatovich confronted her with a gun in the parking lot of a Tulsa motel, Ignatovich wrote.

"I told the woman that I had been ordered to knock out her teeth, but I did not want to do that in front of her children," he wrote in his confession. 

Ignatovich was trying to arrange for someone to pick up the woman's children before police arrived on the scene, he wrote. He planned to keep the woman's car to settle the debt before taking her to his associate to be "possibly be assaulted by him or others."

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