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Oklahoma Vice: Sketches from the Friendly Market Trial

I spent six days at the Cleveland County Courthouse covering the trial of Norman City Councilman Stephen Holman and Friendly Market owner Robert Cox.

After a more than week-long trial, a jury acquitted Holman and Cox Monday on all 26 counts. Both had faced a felony charge of obtaining proceeds from drug activity and twelve counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Here's more about the outcome of the case:

Jurors return not guilty verdict in Norman glass pipe trial

I couldn't use my phone or computer in the courtroom, so I started drawing. I'm not much of an artist, but it helped pass the long hours of testimony. I captured the likeness of some people better than others. All my sketches were originally posted on Twitter. Now you can see them here all in one place. 

This is the first sketch I drew during jury selection. 

Det. Dakota Cook testified about going undercover at The Friendly Market to purchase a glass pipe with an LED light on the side that made it change colors when smoked. 

I wish cameras could be allowed into the courtroom just to capture all of the colorful glass pipes submitted as evidence in the Friendly Market trial. It was quite a spectacle to see them all lined up in front of the judge. 

The biggest piece of evidence was a colorful glass bong that was much discussed during the five day trial. 

Norman police filled the courtroom to hear Chief Keith Humphrey testify. 

I transposed the letters in Attorney Brecken Wagner's name in this tweet. It's WAGNER, not WANGER. I regret the error. 

My sketches grew more psychadelic as the trial progressed. 

Det. Rick Newell was lead investigator in the Friendly  Market case. He said he liked my drawing after his testimony was over. 

I never got ambitious enough to draw the whole jury. I drew this as jurors listened to a lengthy audio recording that was part of the state's evidence. We were several days into the trial and the jury looked tired. Many rested their heads in their hands. 

I failed to capture the true magnificence of this piece of evidence. 

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Crowe gave a formidable closing argument. 

Definitely got the chin wrong. 

After five hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a verdict. 

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