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The Morning Brew: Nothing about this is funny

It's Monday. Here's a news recap

Nothing about this is funny

The Oklahoman's Ken Raymond writes a deeply personal column about his own experience with mental illness. 

Give it a read: 

I never imagined I'd be in this place.

It's a suite of rooms like you could find in any number of anonymous office buildings. Uncomfortable padded chairs match the color scheme of the geometrical carpet and side tables. Fluorescent lights shine behind honeycombed plastic sheets embedded in the ceiling. Someone walks by with a cup of coffee. Syrupy voices, more cheerful than they should be, greet newcomers as they check in at the front desk.

At a glance, it's easy to tell the staff from the inmates like me. They wear casual clothes in bright colors. Their hair is freshly shampooed, their teeth shiny. They smile too easily, determinedly chipper. Most of the rest of us are disheveled and dressed in clothing representative of our maladies. The girl with goth makeup and the Misfits T-shirt is fresh from her latest attempt to kill herself. She still has bandages on her wrists, which she wears like diamond bracelets. We're not all stereotypes, though. The 30-something guy in the khakis and button-down could be on his way to a sales call, but when he thinks no one is looking, his lips turn down, and sometimes he shakes a little.


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