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Oklahoma Vice: Cannabis expert to testify at Norman Councilman's trial

The defense for Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman plans to call a new expert witness at trial to testify about uses for glass pipes other than smoking pot. The testimony could also include a demonstration on smoking substances other than pot out of a glass pipe, according to court documents. 

Expert witness Max Montrose, of Denver, is president and co-founder of the Trichome Institute. The company produces educational textbooks, student workbooks and testing for the cannabis industry. The Trichome Institute also created and teaches "the world's only cannabis sommelier program," according to its website. 

Montrose is expected to testify "as an expert about the use of glass pipes for smoking," Holman's defense said in court documents.

"He will testify that he has an extensive background in the area of glass smoking pipes and that these pipes have multiple uses," attorneys for Holman wrote. "He will testify that the state's assertion that glass pipes are specifically designed and manufactured for use with only marijuana is false. He will demonstrate the proper use of glass pipes for smoking herbal blends, tobaccos, concentrated nicotine wax, and vaporizers."

According to his official bio, Montrose is the cannabis industry‚Äôs "authoritative voice and a key educational advisor to the government, business, and public sectors for cannabis-related projects." He specializes in "cannabis safety, education, and awareness." 

The prosecution had expressed concerns about the credentials of two expert witnesses the defense had previously said it would call, which included a glass artist and an expert in herbs from Eugene, Ore.

Holman's trial on drug paraphernalia charges is set for May 1-5 in Cleveland County District Court. Earlier this month, a judge in Cleveland County ruled that evidence Holman has previously been charged with unlawful possession of paraphernalia will be allowed at trial. 

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