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U.S. Rep. Tom Cole issues statement about missile strike against Syria

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole issued a statement Friday praising President Donald Trump's decision to act swiftly in Syria as "just and decisive" and calling on Congress to have a "robust debate" and give the president authorization to use military force.

Here is the full statement from Cole, R-Moore:

“President Trump’s decision to act swiftly on Syria was just and decisive. I applaud him for taking action against the atrocities brought about by the Assad regime.

Moving forward, the President should bring to Congress a clear and comprehensive strategy to protect American interests, deter reprehensible acts, and eliminate jihadi forces that are operating and destabilizing our regional allies. In doing so, Congress should have a robust debate and provide the President with the Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

For the past sixteen years the United States military has been engaged in several conflicts, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Middle East. It’s not an exaggeration to say the United States has been in a state of war since the attacks of September 11. And yet, we have been trying to combat growing threats of new kinds of terrorism worldwide without a formal authorization of military force since 2003. With the horrendous war crimes committed by Assad on his own people, this debate is needed now more than ever.

Congress owes President Trump our best counsel and our best advice, as to how he should pursue America’s priorities. The best way to do so is for his administration to seek an AUMF and for Congress to give him one.

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