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The Morning Brew: Boy and girl with rare skin disease meet dog with same condition

Thursday is here. Check out the headlines:

Boy and girl with rare skin condition meet dog with same issue

When Carter Blanchard, 8, of Searcy, Arkansas was diagnosed with the skin condition vitiligo in kindergarten, he didn't want to go to school any more. Kids noticed and asked questions about the physically harmless but highly visible skin pigmentation disorder, a rare autoimmune disease with no known cause or cure. A little girl from London in Ontario, Canada faced the same issues. Soft-spoken Ava Bright told her local paper:

When it comes to her friends and classmates, most take no notice, though there are always one or two exceptions.

“Someone last year, near the end of the school year, was being really rude about it and they really made me feel sad,” Ava remembered, but was quick to add, “If people see me, they can ask, they just shouldn’t comment really rude on it.”

Then each kid found a dog from Oregon named Rowdy on his Facebook page, White Eyed Rowdy. 

Rowdy has the same pigmentation condition as the kids. He's a black lab who lives with his humans in Canby, Oregon and has bright white patches around his eyes. 

Rowdy is also a senior dog. At the ripe age of 13 — that's 91 in dog years — his health began to rapidly decline. 

Carter Blanchard's mom reached out to Rowdy's owners. Plans began to form for a visit. On the crowd fundraising campaign called "Road to Rowdy," the dog's owners posted Stephanie Adcock's letter about her son, Carter:

Rowdy changed my son's childhood. He changed our home and our lives. Rowdy is now a senior dog who is nearly 14 years old and suffers many health conditions. Carter has never met Rowdy face-to-face. As Carter’s mom, I don’t dream of taking him to Disney World or a fancy resort, I dream of taking him to Canby, OR where he can meet his four-legged hero. 

Thanks to the campaign, each little one got to meet their furry Facebook friend in person.

Now, Carter says he's proud of the way he looks. 

Rowdy's family is now asking the public for help to pay for some medical expenses for their aging pup. 


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