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Two mobile apps help you keep up with your community

I have two apps on my phone that I use every day.

They actually are the only two apps I need to keep up with the news of the day — at least news in the traditional sense.

I get information and updates about friends, family and acquaintances through a variety of social media applications on my phone. But for true full coverage of the news of our community, social media doesn't do the job.

That's why I use these apps every day.

NewsOK mobile application:

The NewsOK app is a continuously streaming approach to the news.

You get the featured stories and breaking news at the top, and you see the most recently posted stories as you scroll down. You keep seeing more stories as you scroll — hence, the continuously streaming approach.

The app highlights the latest information published by The Oklahoman's newsroom and the wire feeds from outside sources. It features a continuous stream of recent articles, videos and galleries. As you choose different section front pages, the continuous stream of recent content is filtered by stories on that topic. There's no better place to get everything about a specific topic — just navigate there on the NewsOK app.

NewsOK's Inbox features a unique menu for you to customize your app notifications based on the topics you are most interested in.

The NewsOK Inbox feature allows users to be specific in their interests while the continuous scroll on the main app page allows for serendipity of recent posts.

The Oklahoman mobile application:

The Oklahoman app is a daily edition-based approach to the news.

The Oklahoman's application merges the organizational qualities and news curation of a daily newspaper edition with the best qualities of news on a digital device.

That's why it's for our subscribers.

Articles within each section load natively within the app — they are the same sections you get in the newspaper each day, organized with the same news judgment that is in the newspaper.

The recently updated iOS version of the app features the breaking news at the top of the sections, while the Android version features a "live" section for all the newer or updated articles.

The Oklahoman's iOS app also features a Print Replica of the day's edition, displaying as it appears in print. It also has all the videos and photo galleries from The Oklahoman's multimedia journalists.

And just like the NewsOK app, you can get updates throughout the day with customized notifications and updates that are stored in the Inbox portion of the app.

Use both of them …

The apps from NewsOK and The Oklahoman have some similar content, but distinctly separate experiences. Both are useful and serve a great purpose for keeping up with your community and the world.

The stream is on NewsOK. The daily editions are on The Oklahoman.

I use them both.

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Alan Herzberger

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