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Oklahoma Vice: Meth hidden in spare tire on Interstate 40

Francisco Rodriguez-Madril
Francisco Rodriguez-Madril

A man accused of hauling methamphetamine from California to Oklahoma in exchange for $5,000 faces up to life in federal prison. 

It's well known that Interstate 40 is a favored drug trafficking route. The interstate highway runs more than 2,500 miles from Barstow, Calif. to Wilmington, N.C.

Law enforcement recently intercepted two men on Interstate 40 in Canadian County driving with a large quantity of methamphetamine hidden in a spare tire, as part of a multiagency investigation into drug cartel trafficking in Oklahoma.

 Francisco Rodriguez-Madril, 45, and Baldemar Alanis-Dominguez, 31, were driving a Chevrolet Suburban with Utah plates and were hauling a U-Haul car trailer carrying a black Jeep when law enforcement pulled the pair over on Feb. 28 on Interstate 40 in Canadian County, according to federal charges filed in the case. 

Law enforcement pulled the pair over for a traffic violation, but were acting on a tip that Rodriguez and others had up to 28 pounds of methamphetamine in their possession. Rodriguez quickly consented to a search of both vehicles, according to the charges.

Using a drug-sniffing dog, the officers discovered "12 bundles" of methamphetamine hidden inside a spare tire in the back of the Jeep. 

Baldemar Alanis-Dominguez
Baldemar Alanis-Dominguez

"Rodriguez admitted to transporting the methamphetamine for a drug cartel and getting paid $5,000 to haul the load of methamphetamine from California to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma," according to the charges. 

Rodriguez also said that his passenger, Alanis, "did not have anything to do with the methamphetamine, and that he was going to pay him some money to help drive." 

Rodriguez faces a charge of possessing 500 grams or more of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, which carries a minimum 10-year sentence, up to live in prison. 

Alanis faces a charge of illegal re-entry into the United States the after being previously removed from the country, which carries up to a two-year federal prison sentence. 

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Francisco Rodriguez-Madril

Francisco Rodriguez-Madril

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