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Oklahoma Vice: 'Lady G' accused of trying to smuggle pot into jail

After a night of drinking with her family at Oklahoma City's K Bar Saloon, Geralynn Thelma Chevarillo, a.k.a "Lady G" started rocking the jukebox back and forth before tipping it over onto herself, sending shattered glass across the barroom, according to a police report dated Feb. 21.

The party didn't end there. Chevarillo began picking up and throwing objects from a nearby table across the bar and the police were called. 

When bar staff asked Chevarillo to leave, she threatened to "Shoot the place up ... wit an AK," Oklahoma City Police Officer Chris Barnes wrote in an arrest report. Barnes has apparently been long acquainted with Lady G. 

"I have heard the same threats from [Chevarillo] almost every time I deal with her on other calls," Barnes wrote. 

Oklahoma City police arrested Chevarillo on suspicion of public drunkenness on Feb. 21 after the jukebox incident. 

In December, Chevarillo was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana inside the Oklahoma County Detention Center. She was out on bond the night of the K Bar arrest. 

According to the charges, Chevarillo is accused of a scheme to have an offender serving a weekend sentence, known as a "weekender" at the jail smuggle in marijuana for the other inmates. 

The scheme was discovered when jail staff found a package of 27 grams of marijuana wrapped in black electrical tape on another inmate, Derkesha Briggs, while checking in for her weekend jail stay. 

In an interview with law enforcement, Briggs said Chevarillo, who she knew as "Lady G," passed her a note in jail, known as a "kite" asking her to bring some marijuana for her and the other inmates on her next weekend stay at the jail.

Chevarillo is what is known as a "frequent flier" at the Oklahoma County jail. When I called to obtain a copy of her booking photo, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department staff told me Chevarillo had 84 booking photos on file for past jail stays. 

I've reached out to Chevarillo's attorney, but haven't heard back. I will provide an update if I get a response. 

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