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Trivia Tuesday: Thanksgiving History

Before you head out of town for the holiday, put your Thanksgiving history knowledge to the test.

Check out the video above for the first set of questions and take our bonus round below.

Questions compiled by Linda Lynn

Q1: On Nov. 19, 1889, Oklahoma City’s acting Mayor Sidney Clark issued this proclamation. 

a. Christmas shopping officially starts

b. Wild turkey is the official state bird

c. The first Oklahoma City Thanksgiving observance

d. Hunting seasons were to be decided

Q2: In November 1917, a story in The Daily Oklahoman reported that Oklahoma City residents were asked to consider doing this.

a. Invite a soldier to Thanksgiving dinner

b. Skip Thanksgiving dinner that year

c. Spend Thanksgiving Day picking up trash in the community

d. Keep their pets indoors to avoid disturbances

Q3: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a joint resolution of Congress in December 1941 that designated what day each year as Thanksgiving Day?

a. Nov. 26

b. The same day of the Supermoon

c. The first day of the deer hunting season

d. The fourth Thursday of November

Q4: Before 1941, Americans had been celebrating Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of the month, which sometimes was the fifth Thursday. Why did some people want it set to the fourth Thursday?

a. To encourage more spending before Christmas and provide an economic boost

b. Allow earlier use of pumpkins and potatoes

c. To give schoolchildren an earlier holiday

d. Because it just sounded better

Post your answers in the comments below.


Q5: In November 1976, this kidnapped heiress was released on bond after being convicted of bank robbery?

Q6: In November 1976, this was the first bank in Oklahoma to ever reach the billion dollar mark in assets.

Q7: In November 1986, Oklahoma City was announced as the 1989 location for this national event.

Q8: What giant cartoon character balloon has appeared most often in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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