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Wayback Wednesday: "I'm funny how?"

It's hard to believe it's been more than a quarter of a century, but 26 years ago this week "Goodfellas", Marty Scorcese's flawless  masterpiece of a film, was released in theaters.

Starring Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci, it was budgeted at just $25 million and made more than $45 million in its initial run. But those numbers don't measure the substantial space it occupies in American culture. Most adults can easily quote at least one line from the film.

One of my best friends drug me to it at the start of the summer of 1991 and I hated it. Mostly because I went in thinking it was a buddy comedy. Those notions were quickly dispelled in an opening sequence that featured a guy in the trunk of a car getting stabbed with a butcher knife.

But over successive years it's steadily climbed up my pantheon of all-time favorite films. "Goodfellas" is No. 92 on the American Film Institute's top 100 movies of all time list. It's a ridiculously low ranking, behind a couple of unwatchable silent movies and..."West Side Story"?

It lost best picture that year to "Dances With Wolves", which is a nice movie but not in the same hemisphere as "Goodfellas".

Here are a few memorable scenes from easily the best movie of 1990, and one of the best ever made:

I'm funny how?

Don't ever annoy Jimmy Conway

Dining in style, even in the joint

The infamous kitchen tracking shot

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