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Is the era of the Super Jumbo winding down?

I'm a bit of a commercial aviation nerd. I like to follow what airlines are buying as far as planes and how they're evolving when it comes to the in-cabin experience.

My first flight on a wide body plane was on a DC-10 from Dallas to Los Angeles in the mid 1980's and for a kid already interested in aviation it was a big deal. We'll skip the part where I got airsick in the galley somewhere over Arizona in front of a trio of terrified flight attendants.

The DC-10 is gone from commercial service and the 747 is also being purged from the fleets of many airlines. Now comes news from the Wall Street Journal that Airbus' A380 may be hitting some rough air as Singapore Airlines declines to renew the lease on the first A380 delivered to the airline.

 Orders for the A380 are down, too. More from the Wall Street Journal:

Airbus Group SE ’s A380 super jumbo program hit fresh turbulence after Singapore Airlines Ltd. —the aircraft’s first buyer and currently its second-largest customer—said it won’t renew the lease for its first plane.

The lease on the A380 expires in October 2017 and “we have decided not to extend it,” Singapore Airlines said Wednesday.

The decision isn’t a fatal blow for the program, Airbus’s biggest and costliest jet. But it is another symbolic hit for the double-deck aircraft, for which Airbus has struggled to find customers after investing about $15 billion to develop.

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