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Suicide Squad reviewed: Infinite Danger Room Episode #6

The Infinite Danger Room podcast team of Matthew Price, Chris Borthick, Anthony Brown and Matt Howlett share their take on the latest DC Comics film, Suicide Squad, based on comics by John Ostrander and others.

Chris Borthick: I may be in the minority, but I really enjoyed the movie. I'm a fan of the John Ostrander run, so to me it really captured the feel of the Suicide Squad book that I was familiar with. ... Harley (Quinn) translated well and I appreciated that her classic animated series costume showed up onscreen.

Anthony Brown: We're comic book nerds, right? ... and so, my in-depth knowledge of the source material may make me not grade this as well as other people who are the reason it's succeeding exceedingly well with those who aren't film critics.  If you went into the movie and you loved it, I don't know how you got there.

Matt Howlett: I don't know where to start.  The whole reason for the team was, what if the next Superman is evil? The next big superpowered being in our world is evil? ... this whole thing, the premise of Suicide Squad, is what caused all the problems. 

Matthew Price: Kind of a flawed piece, but maybe hardcore DC fans get more out of it. The more you want to see these characters on screen, the more you are willing to forgive.

Matt Howlett: I think if someone was a Harley fan, they'd be very happy with how Harley Quinn was portrayed in this movie.

Much more in the full podcast, at Soundcloud and embedded below!

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