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OU basketball: Should Villanova be nervous?

Jordan Woodard might've been feeling a little saucy after answering a ton of questions lately, but during one of the player interview sessions before the OU faces Villanova on Saturday in the Final Four, he had a fun exchange when a reporter started a question by asking the Sooner guard to put himself in Villanova's shoes.

Woodard: "I don’t wanna put myself in their shoes." 

Reporter: "But they've got to guard Buddy, and then with the way you and Isaiah have been shooting, how do you defend all of that?"

Woodard: "You can’t. I’d be nervous. (laughs) I’d be nervous if I was them. But they got great guard play, too. They definitely got great guard play. It’s gonna definitely be a battle in the backcourt. We gotta hold our own."

Jenni Carlson

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