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Lorenzo Cain scored from first on a single ... but almost didn't make the Royals victory parade

News that Lorenzo Cain lives in Norman surprised a bunch of  readers.

I wrote about the World Series champ for Tuesday's newspaper -- you can read the column by clicking here -- and I heard from several folks who had the same whodathunkit reaction that I did when I first heard about it.

Hiding in plain sight, he is.

It was grand fun to be able to backtrack and share his story. 

But the morning that I went to Norman recently to talk with Cain, I was even more struck with how down-to-earth he is. One of the best outfielders in baseball. A world champion. A guy who just signed a two-year, $17.5 million deal. And he was as nice and normal as could be. 

No wonder fans in Kansas City love the guy.

He was actually the player who led the victory parade after the Royals won the World Series.

But he almost didn't make the parade.

Cain told me that the night before the parade, he stayed at a hotel in Kansas City. But when he woke up, got ready and started to head toward the parade staging area, he discovered a problem.

"I didn’t realize they blocked off pretty much every street in Kansas City," he said, "so it was definitely tough to get in there. I ended up talking to a cop, and he escorted me to the parade."

So, the guy who seems to be able to get anywhere he wants on a baseball field couldn't get to the parade?

"I could not find a way in any way possible," Cain said, laughing. "I eventually made it. They didn’t start without me, so that was nice."

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