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Five things to know about Saturday's Democratic debate

How far left will Sanders pull Clinton?

Sanders is the novelty candidate on the Democratic side and continues to draw large and enthusiastic crowds. Clinton can’t insult him and his supporters, but she also has to be mindful that clips from these debates could be in next year’s attack ads. Voters in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida _ which will decide the race next November _ may be looking for a moderate … on either side.

will Bernie Sanders say he’s tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails or will he say that those emails should be investigated?

At the first debate, Sanders said the American people were sick and tired of hearing about Clinton using a private email server when she was secretary of state. That was a huge break for Clinton in that first debate.

But he later clarified to the Wall Street Journal that he didn’t mean to say the matter shouldn’t be investigated by the Justice Department.

The issue isn’t going totally away. Clinton is likely to be asked what she knows about the current investigation.

Will the candidates’ differences regarding the Middle East be explored?

There is no question that Clinton is much more of a hawk than Sanders. She voted for a resolution approving force in Iraq, essentially condoning the invasion that some say ultimately led to the Islamic State. There are likely few scenarios under which either would send ground troops. What would those be?

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington again this week to meet with President Obama. They should be asked about the stalemate with Palestine.

Could this be Sander's last chance to get ahead in the polls?

The numbers say no.

Half of Democratic primary voters said it was still too early to say who they would support in the primary, So Sanders looks like he still has a chance to grow from his nearly 20 point poll differential. 

Will Clinton pull a trump and let people touch her hair?

Donald Trump said Wednesday he was shocked to see Hillary Clinton's latest hairdo, calling it "massive" in an interview on conservative talk radio.

 Trump asked host Mark Levin if he noticed Clinton's new hairdo.

    The quip prompted Levin to suggest Clinton is wearing a wig.

    "I tell you what it really was shocking to see it because you're right it must be, it was massive. Her hair became massive," said Trump, whose own hair has been the subject of scrutiny.

    Trump has asked people to come up out of the audience to touch his hair, will Clinton do the same? 

    What you need to know about tonight's debate

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