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A Closer Look at Elliott Nelson's Letter on Villa Teresa

Over the past few days I've been writing columns and stories involving Tulsa businessman Elliott Nelson, owner of McNellie's, Fassler Hall and Dust Bowl and Midtown and his partner Casey Stowe's contract to buy the historic Villa Teresa school property and then "assign" it to their frequent partner, Tulsa-based The Ross Group.

Let's start off by saying none of the parties wanted me to out them on this deal. There is a reason for this: despite what is said in this letter, people inside the deal informed me as early as last spring the top consideration with this deal was to buy the property, clear all but one building, and then building multi-story apartments.

Needless to say, this won't go well with residents of nearby historic neighborhoods or preservationists, especially since these are Tulsa residents attempting something I doubt they would try in their hometown. Despite what Elliott Nelson writes in this letter he posted on social media yesterday, keep in mind he told me in a text message I still have that he still had the contract under his name as of Monday night. He has been leading conversations with other potential buyers over the past week since I first revealed his involvement.

Clearly, he doesn't want the public to see him as being involved.

The following is a copy of his letter with my "clarifications" in the side column:

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