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Blighted Midtown Property Set to Become Showcase Home?

An apartment house seen as the source of crime and blight in Midtown has been cleared of its tenants and gutted by a new owner committed to restoring the structure as a single family home.

Shyon Keoppel paid $232,000 for the home at 524 NW 8 in March and is spending thousands more to clear it of years of neglect and questionable additions. It was just last fall that I was walking past the home with my trainer Ryan Vivar preparing for the Memorial Marathon 5k that I saw what appeared to be a drug deal in progress.

Until a couple of years ago, the apartment house was just another surviving flop house that seemed to forever have a banner outside the second floor advertising rooms for rent. But that banner disappeared in 2013, the few remaining windows were covered with blue-painted shutters. This was a building that definitely gave out a vibe of “if you’re not invited or here to do business, don’t bother knocking on the door.”

“It was a house originally and then it was turned into 13 apartments,” Keoppel told me tonight. “There was drug dealing and prostitution. We’re returning it to being a home.”

In just a few weeks of gutting and tearing out a front addition, the original façade of the 1920 home is emerging. Keoppel, who received quite a bit of attention for a modern home he built at 4711 N Blackwelder, has big plans for the property that include turning the home and guest house in the rear into a top notch, 5,000-foot-home with a pool in the yard.

The property is surrounded by construction of new, modern homes, and this will likely fuel additional projects nearby. The address is a short walk from Midtown’s restaurants and shops and St. Anthony Hospital.

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