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Travel behavior: Don't be "that guy"

Let's face it, sometimes travel isn't a lot of fun.
Let's face it, sometimes travel isn't a lot of fun.


Travel, even short distances, can be stressful. We've all seen someone who has melted down, or come close to it and in many ways it's a good way to pass the time at an airport, in particular. Heck, A&E even created a show about it -- Airline! -- which showed Southwest Airlines passengers at some of their worst moments. The UK version, chronicling the rough and tumble world of Easyjet is even better.

My worst memory of this was a man yanking a woman by her hair and dragging her out of Disneyworld in the late 1980s while a bunch of people stood around and watched, including me, a shocked 14 year-old.

Then there was my mom's epic, still talked about meltdown on a ride at Silver Dollar City that got stuck inside and mom walked from boat to boat to boat to get back near the mouth of the cave in an attempt to allieviate her clausterphobia.

My dad and I still like to poke fun at her about it, even though it happened in the waning days of the Carter administration.

But sometimes meltdowns can get you in trouble. Yahoo! has cited some more extreme examples of people at their worst while traveling. My personal favorite is the Italian couple who busted their way onto an airport tarmac after they missed their Ryanair flight and tried to flag the aircraft down like a taxi.

Enjoy, and be glad it's not you.