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Oklahoma ranks 33rd in states for working dads

Sorry, working dads: But Oklahoma isn't the best state for you to live in after all.

When looked at the data of things like the unemployment rate of fathers, male life expectency and day care quality throughout the United States, the financial website's number crunches concluded Oklahoma ranks 33rd in the list of best and worst states for working dads. 

Source: WalletHub

The site broke down the data in the following categories: Economic and social well-being, health, work-life balance and child care. Oklahoma earned the following ranks: 26, 49, 42 and 20, respectively.

Here's more of what WalletHub has to say:

Male parenting is not what it once was. Fatherhood has long abandoned its 1960s definition. Back then, families relied on a single income — that of the dad, who spent much of his week at work while the missus stayed home to care for the kids and handle the chores. Today, 60 percent of family households depend on two incomes. And the contemporary dad no longer fits neatly into the standard of the married male breadwinner and disciplinarian.

Check out all of the findings and read about the methodology here.

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