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10 inspiring stories that will make you smile

Source: oregonlive.com
Source: oregonlive.com

With all of the troubles and worries in the world today, it's nice to read about spontaneous acts of kindness people do for one another.

Here are 10 of those stories that are sure to make you smile.

No. 10

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No. 9

Source: Wikicommons

During World War II, Nicholas Winton worked as a stockbroker during the day then spent his evenings and nights organizing the rescue operations and efforts of children from Czechoslovakia:

He raised money to fund the transports of the children and the 50 pound per child guarantee demanded by the British government to fund the children's eventual departure from Britain. He also had to find British families willing to care for the refugee children.

In total, Winton's efforts saw to the rescue of nearly 700 children, most of them Jewish.

No. 8

Source: oregonlive.com

As thousands gathered to make their voices heard during a rally earlier this week, one officer and a young man paused to hear each other out.

This image, shot by freelance photographer Johnny Nguyen, shows Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum hugging 12-year-old Devonte Hart during the Ferguson demonstration in Portland on Nov. 25, 2014.

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No. 7

A 9-year-old penned the above note to her teacher who had just come out as gay.

No. 6

Michael Sulsona had no idea a trip to Lowe’s would end up changing his life.

Sulsona was shopping at a Lowe’s on Staten Island when a bolt snapped on his old wheelchair last week.

Three employees stepped forward to repair the broken wheelchair. A photo was snapped of the legless Sulsona watching from a nearby chair. The story then caught fire on the Internet after he wrote a letter to a local paper.

Read the complete story here.

No. 5

Read the dad's original request here.

No. 4

That time Santa learned sign language to communicate with a child:

When six-year-old Sadie Adams sat on Santa's lap this year, it was the first time she didn't need an interpreter to be understood by the jolly man in red.

To her complete suprise, for the first time Santa was speaking in a way she could understand - in sign language.

"Santa knew my name because he knew how to sign it," she said.

Read the complete story here.

No. 3

A man in the Saudi city of Hail has put a fridge outside his house and called on neighbours to fill it with food for the needy, it seems.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, told neighbours this would spare poor people the 'shame' of asking for food, the Gulf News newspaper reports.

Read the complete story here.

No. 2

Read the complete story here.

No. 1

Source: pennlive.com

Eight-year-old Laney Brown was dying of cancer and had a simple wish for Christmas: to hear carolers outside her home.

That wish came true, as more than 10,000 people showed up to grant it.

Read the complete story here.

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