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No OKC Central Live Chat This Week - But I Do Have Updates

Friday will be mostly a day where I will be preparing for my first ever 5k walk at Sunday’s National Memorial Marathon. I will, however, provide some quick updates to address questions that have been asked over the past few weeks.
Bricktown Towers is Dead

This one was actually born dead, though a lot of people insisted for a long time it was for real and a local television station recklessly reported rumors of it as if it were a real deal. A year ago I explained why I thought it made no sense (the aspiring developers were not returning my calls and emails). I briefly entertained the prospect the project might have had some potential last fall following a contact by a local banker who said they were looking to finance the project. Even then I remained doubtful, and sure enough, as I report in my latest story, the lumberyard south of Lower Bricktown is now under contract to a new buyer – Fred Mazaheri.

Also Dead: 700 West

The idea was a bit daring – construction of a five-story apartment complex at NW 4 and Shartel that was include dozens of “micro” apartments on the corner that has long been owned by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority. Blame for the project falling through can be assigned to any number of factors, but at the end of the deal, micros may work in downtown Oklahoma City, but folks at Urban Renewal had serious questions about whether such units would work on the downtown fringe which is still very much in transition. Expect a new request for development proposals in the near future.

No deal done yet with Clayco for OGE Energy Center

I visited again with folks at City Hall and others involved in the negotiations for tax increment financing for proposed towers on the former Stage Center property, and no deal, no agreement, no tentative understanding has been reached. From what I’m hearing, there is a lot of discussions yet to be held before the two sides come close to anything resembling an agreement.

Oklahoma City Public Schools Administration Move to Classen and NW 6 Back on Track

A year has passed since Oklahoma City Public Schools bought the former Claims Management Resources headquarters at 615 N Classen to become the system’s new administrative offices. Since that time, Dave Lopez ended his stint as superintendent, Robert Neu was hired, and the project was paused a bit as the transition moved forward from one leader to another.

A check with Oklahoma City Public Schools officials confirmed the project is back on track with a push to move forward as quickly as possible.





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