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10 denied personalized Oklahoma license plates

You might have heard by now that a local gay rights advocate was recently denied a personalized license plate because it read “LGBTALY.”

It got me wondering what other plates have been denied, so I asked Watchdog reporter Jennifer Palmer for the list she was given by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

There are more than 2,100 plate ideas listed, and it’s obvious why most of them were denied (graphic language, etc.) Some of them I don’t even know what they’re referencing or why they were denied — like 182PGA (I’m assuming he/she is a blink-182 and golf fan?) and 1BADUDE (obviously drives a Mustang, but that's not totally vulgar).

But here are just 10 personalized Oklahoma license plate requests denied by the great state of Oklahoma (and, let me tell you: it’s highbrow stuff).

No. 10 – Oh geez

No. 9 – He’s got 99 problems…

No. 8 – Not gittin’ it done

No. 7 – TMI

No. 6 – Bang, bang


No. 4 – Of course

No. 3 – YRU

No. 2 – Uhh...

No. 1 – He who smelt it…

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