Oklahoma high school basketball: Roundup of Friday's tournament action

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Basketball madness on NewsOK: Where the games begin

Where will you be on Thursday?

A restaurant with lots of TVs? A sports bar? Your house? A spring break vacation destination?

Maybe you’ll be planted at the office with an eye on NewsOK’s live scoreboard.

Wherever you will be, I suspect you will have some idea of the college basketball games that will start before noon and end just before midnight on Thursday and Friday.

The NCAA Tournament — or its more accepted name, March Madness — is such a big deal to the casual sports fans in our country that we have to have two contests for our readers on NewsOK.com.

1 . We have the traditional round-by-round game. We’ve had this version of the NCAA Tournament contest for well over a decade. In this game, you make your picks for the first round, then wait to see how those turn out before making your picks for the games being played in the second round — and so on.

There are local and national prizes for every round of the tournament.

You have to come back throughout the tournament to make your picks, so make your picks for the first round. We’ll see you back on the site before the second-round games.

2. We have the full bracket game. We’ve only had this version of the contest for the past couple of years. But it’s not a foreign concept. You make picks for the entire bracket — all games and all rounds — before the tournament starts.

The odds are tough in this one, but you’re filling out a bracket anyway, right? There’s no reason not to play this game too. Plus, even though you fill out the entire bracket before the tournament, there are prizes for every round.

Both games are sponsored by Harry’s TV, Video and Appliances, as is the printable bracket that you can find on NewsOK.com’s sports page.

Print the bracket and keep it with you. Study up on all the teams. Then, sign up and make your picks.

It will make your Thursday more fun, wherever you are watching the games.

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