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Tell us your letter jacket stories

Monday became story day in the sports department.

You’re probably wondering, “Isn’t every day a story day? You guys do write stories for a living, after all?”

That’s true, but it isn’t every day that we sit around telling stories about ourselves. But that’s what happened as I was working on a piece about a long-lost letter jacket being found. You can read that story by clicking here.

Seems everyone has a letter jacket story.

The boss, Mike Sherman, told a story of a letter jacket lost. He gave it to a girlfriend to keep warm while she watched him play baseball, but for reasons unknown, she just left it there on the bleachers. When he ran back to try to retrieve it, it was gone. Never to be found again.

Our assistant sports editor for college sports, Ryan Sharp, says that his letter jacket is in the same spot it’s been for years. It hangs on a coat rack in one of the corners of his room. And even though his folks have changed the rest of the room, they haven’t touched that coat rack or the letter jacket.

Our sports web guru, Erik Horne, told a story of his high school girlfriend not only commandeering his jacket but also wearing it in her high school pictures. He said the pictures of her in his jacket were on her family’s mantel and everything.

And finally, our assistant editor who oversees nighttime operations, Scott Munn, says that he had a collection of letter jackets once upon a time. The Munnster is a big-time collector of sports memorabilia, so I’m usually not surprised at the stuff that he has. But he said he had upwards of 50 letter jackets that he found at various thrift stores over the years.

So, what’s your letter jacket story?

We want to know. Maybe you’ve got a story of a letter jacket lost. Maybe you’ve got a story of what it meant for you to get a letter jacket. Whatever the case, we’d like to hear about it.

Email me at We may use your story in a future edition of The Oklahoman or on

Jenni Carlson

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