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Oklahoman.com: Holding the newspaper on your phone

I had the opportunity to speak with a longtime subscriber a couple of weeks ago.

She's been reading The Oklahoman every day for years and likes holding the printed newspaper, but she's comfortable with technology and also uses our products on her mobile devices.

She has downloaded The Oklahoman's iPad app, The Oklahoman iPad Print Replica app and The Oklahoman's iPhone app. She gives pretty good reviews on all of those products, but none of them has changed her reading habits completely.

She likes holding the newspaper.

That's not a problem. We're not interested in forcing anyone to a digital product. We just want to have options for every customer.

Oklahoman.com? Well, that's something she has also used. She's tried it on her computer in her office. It's OK, she thinks, but it hasn't changed her habits.

She likes holding the newspaper.

I helped her organize all of our apps into one folder on her iPhone. And when I had that opportunity, I went to Oklahoman.com on the web browser on her phone, saving the site to the home screen so she always knew where it was.



"Try this," I said. "Use this icon to read The Oklahoman."

And there I left it.

Fast forward to this past Monday, the same subscriber was talking about The Oklahoman.

"I love this app," she said. "I can read each section and then I can go back to previous days. It's great."

The app?

"You mean Oklahoman.com?"

"Whatever this is," she said as she held up the screen.

It was Oklahoman.com, of course. It doesn't really matter which one it is. The content is the same. But I could tell by looking. There are subtle differences that take advantage of mobile website technology instead of app-based technology.

I silently celebrated. Since we launched the mobile-friendly version on Oklahoman.com, my reading habits have changed. I moved away from the app-based edition and am now using the Oklahoman.com mobile website for my consumption of The Oklahoman.

It's my favorite new product in our arsenal. I believe all of our customers would have the same reaction as our subscriber who likes holding her newspaper.


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Alan Herzberger

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