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What did you buy during back-to-school shopping?

This year, I tried to scale back our immediate back-to-school shopping.

And, though I wanted to save money, I didn’t partake of the tax-free weekend. The crowds weren’t worth it for the few items we  needed.

I knew my son needed new shoes, if not to start school, at least to have available as his foot grows. So, I bought a size larger than the shoes he has.

No new clothes. He has plenty from summer.

For my daughter, we bought one pair of jeans, a pair of sweat pants (her school does not have uniforms) and a couple of new shirts. For a teenager, I know it’s somewhat important to start the year with something new.

What I decided this year was that my primary expenses will come later when they need cool-weather clothes, which are definitely not needed at the moment. And, I didn’t want to buy a lot of clothes and then have my daughter come home from school wanting a whole new wardrobe to fit whatever trends she might have discovered at school.

For now, there are other expenses … school supplies. And, for the rest, I have chosen to pace our purchases, hoping that it will make a smaller dent in our budget.

How did you handle your back-to-school shopping? What was the most important item on your list? Where do you go to get great deals?

–Linda Lynn

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