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NewsOK Contributors ready to be the next big thing

Contributors are the next big thing for NewsOK.

As we’ve expanded in recent years, there’s always something that trends on NewsOK, making up the bulk of traffic growth. If you look at it historically, you can see the trends clearly. I’ve been here awhile, so I can point out a few.

  •  There was the blogging age:  a time when NewsOK bloggers lifted the visibility of The Oklahoman’s reporters to a national level. When we started blogging, our reach soared.
  • There was the sports renaissance, a quick evolution into the fast-tweeting, quick-blogging, live-reporting, hangout-having, podcast-recording group that dominates the sports landscape in Oklahoma. That coverage lifted NewsOK’s traffic in recent years.
  • There was a shift to sharing trending stories from around the web as NewsOK’s web editors made sure you didn’t need to go anywhere else to get a glimpse at what the world is talking about. You can see the local updates alongside the national trends. That helped lift traffic.
  • There was the day our developers and designers improved our photo galleries to make them much more user-friendly. After that change, NewsOK users were looking at more photos with every visit. That was a good day.
  • And then there’s mobile. I love our mobile site — just ask me my favorite product we launched in recent years — but I’m not sure our great mobile site pushed users to their devices. They were going there anyway. Still, mobile accessibility sure has played a big role in NewsOK growth.

What’s the next big thing? I’m counting on contributors.

We launched it in March. And right now, the contributor network on NewsOK is growing fast.

We’re seeing new users from around the region sign up every week.

Here’s a rundown of some of the contributor stories from the past couple of weeks.


  • A longtime community blogger, Jim Willis — an ex-Oklahoman living in California, posted an essay about the media and opinion-based journalism. He asks …

Are people still interested in credible sources who deliver information, or just familiar ones?


  • Carla Meadows has been contributing posts about her summer on the road with her family. The posts this summer have been excellent excerpts from her personal blog –  ‘Mommy’s Minivan Diaries.’ She wrote about Taos in a recent story …

Summer in Taos is a breath of fresh air and an organic food lovers’ paradise with a wide variety of great family outdoor activities, entertainment, cultural attractions and lodging options.



  • Marcy Williams, one of my favorite former NewsOK web editors, has been contributing often about her retirement travels. She posts about a trip to California around the Fourth of July …

When a trip requires you to pick-and-choose, it’s wise to get input from all the travelers and then try to keep everyone happy and entertained – no easy task when the ages range from 7 to 70!


  •  NBA salary cap expert Jon Hamm shared his perspective on the ‘millions of reasons‘ the Oklahoma City Thunder is profitable. Jon has had the highest amount of traffic among our contributors. He’s writing great stuff about the Thunder — so that distinction is no surprise.

Recent reports that the Oklahoma City Thunder cleared a sweet $29 million in profit for the 2013-14 season caused quite a stir. It’s an eye-popping number. It is significant. It should also be of little surprise to anyone who has been keeping tabs on such things.


So can you help us grow the next big thing? You can be published on NewsOK. All you have to do is share your passion. It’s available to you now.

What are you passionate about?


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